2nd Gen Trebuchet Kit (Pre-Orders)

2nd Gen Trebuchet Kit (Pre-Orders)

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Pre-Orders only

Estimated shipping time is August, 2018 or after the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. Buyers will be notified when their kits are ready to ship. 

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These Trebuchets are improved versions of the original. To see the difference click here


  • Laser cut baltic birch  (Stained)

  • Maple and brass pulleys

  • Cotton string 

  • Leather pouch

  • Brass pins for assembly

  • Capable of shooting over 25 feet

  • Assembles in 2-4 hours 

  • Base is 14" x 14"

Best assembled using:

  • Hammer ( to lightly drive the brass pins in)
  • scissors (for cutting string)